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Women Empowerment Quiz
Women Empowerment Quiz   ...

The girls of classes 6-8 participated in an Inter -House Women Empowerment Quiz conducted on 25th January 2019 in the school auditorium. The main objective behind the activity was to instill in students the importance of gender equality and make them aware of the need to equip women with adequate skills so that they become self-dependent. 

I Strength
II Truth
III Integrity


    Republic Day
    Republic Day   ...

    The 70th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur by the students of classes III – V. A special assembly was conducted by the Maths Department to commemorate the occasion. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. The melodious patriotic song sung by the choir group reverberated the surroundings. The highlight of the assembly was a street play on the rights and responsibilities of all individuals, urging the students to do their little bit for the growth and development of the nation. A quiz was also conducted to test the students’ knowledge about their nation and prizes were given to the winners. The graceful movements of the dancers and the flamboyant march past by the students of class III donning army, navy and airforce uniforms stole the show.  The Headmistress, Primary Wing, Mrs. Anuradha Kumar applauded the efforts of the teachers and students and urged to the students to be proud of their country.


      A Delightful Session with Lord Jeffrey Archer
      A Delightful Session with Lord Jeffrey Archer   ...

      On 29 January 2019,VIS students got the golden opportunity to meet the renowned author Lord Jeffrey Archer at Pathways School, Gurgaon . An inspiring session was held in the school’s amphitheater where the famous author shared his views and anecdotes from his own life which motivated the audience immensely . Students also got the privilege to get his autograph on the books which they purchased at the venue.

      We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Honorable Director ma’am Ms. Mrinalini Kaura and Vice Principal ma’am Ms. Manisha Sharma for providing us this wonderful opportunity.


        Inter House Indian Heritage Quiz
        Inter House Indian Heritage Quiz   ...

        An Inter House Heritage Quiz competition was conducted for classes VI-VIII in the school auditorium on December 28, 2018 by the teachers of Social Science department.

        The quiz had five rounds: The Mixed Bag, the Visual round, Choose your pick, Who am I and Rapid Fire in which questions on Indian art, architecture, music, dance, cuisine, languages, literature, sports, traditions and culture were asked. 

        The main aim of conducting the quiz was to develop critical thinking skills and respect for Indian culture and heritage.


          ADIEU LES AMIS (SESSION 2018-19)
          ADIEU LES AMIS (SESSION 2018-19)   ...

          On 29th December 2018, Venkateshwar International School held the Farewell Party of class XII, which marks the end of the phase of school life. It started in the traditional way with the Tilak ceremony.  It was a touching affair as students part ways from an institution which had nurtured them from the time they could barely speak to  the time they have finally learnt to speak up for things that matter.

          The formal event began with a Green Welcome to our venerated Director ma’am, Mrs. Mrinalini Kaura, whose inspiring, soul-enticing address brought in front of the student’s eyes an infinite series of interconnected memories. The address highlighted how the various students of the batch of 2018-19 brought accolades to this school in various fields.  These golden words of appreciation were lessons that the students would cherish in every step of their lives. This was followed by a gratitude poem dedicated to all mentors.

          This was followed by an enthralling cultural programme put up by the students of class XI which was genuinely appreciated by the audience. The students of class XII were then awarded various titles which filled the air with mirth and cheer. 

          With the vote of thanks by the class XII students, the entire batch expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the school. The day’s programme came to an end leaving every participant immersed in euphoria and nostalgia.  

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