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Director of Education Notification
Director of Education Notification   ...

Dear Parent
On account of Directorate of Education notification, Classes Pre - School to VIII will open on Monday, July 8, 2019. Classes IX - XII to continue as it is.
School Management


Refreshing Yoga Session
Refreshing Yoga Session   ...

A Yoga session organised by Isha Foundation was held for the teachers in the school on June 26, 2019.  It provided them with the tools to enhance the quality of their life.  The session was very refreshing and rejuvenating.


    International Yoga Day
    International Yoga Day   ...

    International Yoga Day was celebrated in VIS with a lot of zeal and vigour. Ms. Monica Kamra and Ms. Shivani Rawat explained the importance of Yoga asanas and their benefits in our lives. The students performed various aasanas like Suryanamaskar, Sarvangaasana, Halaasana, Paschimattanasana, Bhramari Asana, Udgeeth etc., under the guidance of Ms. Monica Kamra. Teachers also participated wholeheartedly. The session left all invigorated and refreshed and helped them charge their mind, body and soul.
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