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Workshop on Overseas Education
Workshop on Overseas Education   ...News & Updates

Eduvelocity an international company that specializes in counseling students to make the best global education and career choices for themselves by connecting them successfully to their "best-fit" overseas universities conducted a workshop for our 11th graders on 18 January 2018 to widen their career horizons abroad.


    Career Workshop
    Career Workshop   ...News & Updates

    Colonel Mehar Singh Dahiya, Shaurya Chakra delivered a workshop for 11th graders on 19th January 2017 discussing  the procedures necessary for a career in  Defence (Army, Airforce and Navy) bringing the conversation by reflecting ten points charter for change,the cardinal truth about drama of life. 


      ADIEU LES AMIN (SESSION 2017-18)
      ADIEU LES AMIN (SESSION 2017-18)   ...News & Updates

      On 30 December 2017, the Farewell Party of class XII, which marks the end of the phase of school life, started in the traditional way with the tilak ceremony.  It was a touching affair as students’ part ways from an institution which had nurtured them from the time when it was difficult for them even to utter their own name till the time they had finally learnt to stand on their own feet. 

      The formal event began with the gratitude poem dedicated to all mentors followed by a bouquet presentation to our venerated Director ma’am, Mrs. Mrinalini Kaura, whose inspiring, soul-enticing address brought in front of the student’s eyes an infinite series of interconnected memories. The address highlighted how the various students of the batch of 2017-18 brought accolades to this school in various fields and how each student has played a significant role in the development of the school as a whole. These golden words of appreciation were lessons that the students would need in every step of their lives.  

      This was followed by a mesmerising cultural programme put up by the students of class XI which was genuinely appreciated by the audience. The students of class XII were awarded various titles which filled the air with smiles and cheer. 
      With the vote of thanks by the class XII students, the entire batch expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the school the day’s programme came to an end leaving every participant immersed in euphoria and reminiscence.  


        Republic Day Assembly
        Republic Day Assembly   ...News & Updates

        On January 25, 2018 English Department organised a special assembly on Republic Day. The assembly began with an enthusiastic patriotic song which was filled with nationalistic ideas.  It was followed by a skit which emphasized upon the importance of communal harmony for our country. The students got to know the importance of the unity in diversity. The badges of our Tricolour were given to the teachers. Then the dancers showed their beautiful performance on the song ‘Chanda Suraj lakhon tare’.  The whole environment had an air of patriotic fervour.


          School Safety & Security
          School Safety & Security   ...News & Updates

          A seminar on the theme "Safety and Security in Schools" was organised by FICCI at Federation House, New Delhi on December 8, 2017 serving the platform for various stakeholders to ideate and debate on the range of social, emotional and physical threats to the child maintaining an ecosystem outside and inside the school. All effective measures with an active involvement of Government, School Management, Security consultants were discussed by different panel members to mitigate these problems concerning school safety and security.
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